Saturday, June 2, 2012

How To Photo Stream From Windows Computers to iPhone, iPad, Macs and Windows PCs

iCloud is the Apple cloud sharing service for photos and files being shared between i-devices, Macs and Windows machines.

If you know Apple iCloud ID and password:

From Windows Computer:

Step 1: Download iCloud Control Panel for Windows at
Step 2: Install iCloud Control Panel
Step 3: Watch This Video:
Step 4: If you have trouble understanding the video, please read the "After iTunes is installed in Windows" section

If you don't know Apple iCloud ID and password:

Step 1: Turn on iPad
Step 2: Make sure her iPad is using iOS 5.x system
      1)Tap on Settings on the iPad 
      2)Tap on General
      3)Tap on About
      4)Look at Version

If it says need to hook it up to a Windows computer and update it.
If iTunes is not installed on the Windows computer, goto to download the latest iTunes.

After iTunes is installed in Windows:

Step 1: Open iTunes
Step 2: Plug the iPad into the USB port of the Windows computer
Step 3: Let iTunes detect the iPad
Step 4: Click check for latest update
Step 5: Download and install the update
Step 6: Repeat Step 2 of "If you don't know Apple iCloud ID and password"

The version number should show 5.x now.

If system version says 5.x:

1)Tap iCloud 
2)Enter Apple id and password or tap on "Get a Free Apple ID"
3)Copy the id and password onto paper.  You need this when you share photos from Windows
4)Turn on "Photo Stream" to share photos and to receive photos from Windows

If you just registered a new Apple ID in the previous steps:

5)Go to Windows PC and download iCloud Control Panel for Windows at
6) Install iCloud Control Panel

Saving photos from Photo Stream to i-device Photos:

1)Tap Home (The Bottom Center Button)
2)Tap Photos
3)Tap "Photo Stream"
4)Tap Share button (The button to the right of "Slide Show")
5)Tap on the photos you want to save to i-device
6)Tap 'Save'
7)Follow on screen instructions

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